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Madeleine C. Weiser MD & Associates encourages all families to have children vaccinated according to the CDC recommended schedule.  We understand that some parents are more comfortable using an alternate vaccine schedule, which we will accommodate.  However, Madeleine C. Weiser MD & Associates will not accept patients that refuse the required vaccines. 

We feel this puts our other patients at risk and we have adopted this as our office policy.

If you have any questions about this, please call our office at (610) 896-8009. 

Find the box to the right that corresponds with your child's age.


Click on the box to see our recommended schedule of vaccines for that age.


Click the links provided for information from the CDC on each vaccine.


See the box below for an alphabetical list of vaccines that we give in our office.


Birth to
  • Birth

    • The hospital will adminster your baby's first Hepatitis B vaccine (with your consent)

  • 1 Month

15 months to
4 years
11 years to
18 years
Tweens & Teens

*Gardasil beginning at age 11 years

2 months to
1 year
5 years to
10 years
18 years
and above
College & Career

*Gardasil beginning at age 11 years

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