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Flu Season 2022-2022

  • If you have a well visit scheduled for your child after September 1st and before October 31st, we will administer your flu vaccine at that time, as long as we have our vaccine inventory available.

  • If you would like to add on a child to a sibling's existing appointment to receive the flu shot, please call us and have us add them to the schedule.

  • We have decided not to administer the flu vaccine at the same time as the covid vaccine

Sat, 9/17 - Beginning at 9:30 am
Mon, 9/19 - Beginning at 5:15 pm
Thurs, 9/22 - Beginning at 5:15 pm
Sat, 10/8 -Beginning at 9:30 am
Thurs, 10/13 - Beginning at 5:15 pm
Mon, 10/17 - Beginning at
 5:15 pm

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Our allotment of flu vaccines was ordered this past February and we cannot guarantee that we be able to get more. We will give them out as long as we have the shipments that have been requested from our vaccine supplier.

Age 0-5 months

If your baby is a newborn up to 5 months of age, they cannot receive the flu vaccine. It is especially important for the people around them (parents, siblings, caregivers) to be vaccinated from the flu. 

If they turn 6 months old before April, they can receive the flu shot in our office. They will need a second dose of the flu vaccine one month later since it is their first time receiving it. 


Age 6 months and older

Your child will receive a dose of the flu vaccine that is appropriate for their age. Our vaccines are preservative free and we carry the quadrivalent (4 strain) flu shot.

If this is the first time your child has received the flu vaccine and they are 8 years old or younger, they will need a second dose one 1 month later. 

Our office has elected to not stock the flu mist (nasal) vaccine due to past concerns of efficacy.

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